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The beautiful state of Colorado has a lot to see, from the snow-capped Rockies to the desert areas of Mesa Verde and everything in between. Being a commercial truck driver in this diverse state can let you enjoy the view as you travel all over and get paid to do it. Your first step to getting your commercial driver’s license is to pass a written test based on this FREE copy of the 2024 CO Commercial Driver’s Handbook. You’ll need to study hard; the handbook has a lot to cover to ensure you’ll become a safe driver on the road and get your cargo securely to its destination. It won’t be easy, but with some work, you can be on your way to being part of one of Colorado’s fast-growing industries.

How to Prepare

Embark on your journey to a CDL with the CO CDL Handbook as your guide. Set the stage for successful learning by arming yourself with a notebook and pencil, and immerse yourself in the handbook’s rich content. As you navigate through its pages, keep your focus sharp and take comprehensive notes. If any section seems complex or doesn’t stick in your memory, circle back to it for a deeper dive. With the test featuring a myriad of questions, a thorough and disciplined study approach is crucial. This exam is more than a gateway to becoming a commercial driver; it’s about ensuring your safety, the integrity of your cargo, and the well-being of fellow road users. Rest assured, every multiple-choice question in the CDL test is drawn directly from this handbook. Familiarize yourself with every chapter, and you’ll find the answers come naturally to you. Beyond general knowledge, the handbook is a treasure trove of information on various endorsements that can elevate your driving career, including passenger transport, multi-trailer, tanker, school bus, HazMat, and combination trailers.

Final Steps

Once you’re feeling confident, read over the handbook and your notes one more time and then it’s time to head off to the DMV to get your permit! You’ll be on your way to a promising and lucrative career in no time.